Boy Nursery Themes that You Can Consider

Boy Nursery Themes that You Can Consider

The gender reveal is over. You've cut into the cake, the filling is blue, and it's a boy! Now, you can get ready to celebrate with a box of cigars (chocolate or otherwise) and register for everything you need to prepare for your new baby boy and his nursery. Uh-oh.

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You haven't decided on how to decorate the room because you didn't know if you were having a boy or a girl until now. No worries. We're here to help you with great boy nursery themes to consider and a shopping tip for each one to get you started.


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A nursery theme is the decor or style you are going to follow to decorate your baby's nursery. Boy nursery themes can match your home's theme. For instance, if you have a country-style home, you might want to pick vintage style furniture and other decorations that will flow with the rest of your home.

Cowboys are a fun choice for a country-style ranch home. If you have a very modern interior, you might go for decorating your baby boy's room with robots and very contemporary furniture. You get the idea.You may not be concerned with your baby's nursery matching the rest of your house, which gives you more "room" to play with decorating themes.

You might like a cowboy-themed room in your modern condo or robots on the nursery walls of your colonial style home. The only rules for choosing a theme is to make sure your baby's room is safe and has the basic furnishings and supplies he needs. Other than that, you're free to be as conservative or creative as you wish.

What Things Are Needed in a Nursery?

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The Nursery Basics


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The theme you choose for your baby's room can reflect your home's style, a particular interest of yours, or be one you feel will surround him with joy. Besides cowboys and robots, we came up with 10 additional boy nursery themes to inspire your imagination.

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You may or may not hang the "No Gir's Allowed" sign. but a treehouse or clubhouse has always been a boy's favorite place. It makes a fun theme with lots of opportunity for decorating.

The treehouse theme is especially good if you have basic wood furniture, as you can always find simple pieces to go with it. A wooden toddler-sized picnic table fits the decor and makes a good first activity table.

Any wall decorations that have a homemade rustic appearance will enhance the theme, as will plain jars you can keep supplies and toys in for later use. We found terrific treehouse toddler beds that will keep this theme relevant for several years.

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This theme is one that will be flying into most boys' lives, so we thought it would be a good idea to get ahead of the game. Everything about it is super colorful, with all the primary colors that will brighten up a boy's room.

While girls generally start climbing into high heels, little boys make capes out of bath towels. Paint the walls in primary colors and decorate the room with a rack full of costumes he can put on as his imagination and body grow.

Pick your favorite heros; add spiderman crawling up the wall, a superman logo in a frame, or build a little bat cave with all his super stuffed animals.

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Dinosaurs fill everyone with a sense of wonder, and they make a bigger-than-life room theme. Mountains and trees, with flying prehistoric birds, triceratops and brontosaurus, make a cool backdrop in green and gray and purple tones.

We found big wall decals that go on easily and can be peeled right off when it's time to change the room's theme. Choose from realistic renderings or stick to a cartoon-like styles your baby will drool over.

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Line the walls with shelves and fill them with miniature toy cars; it's only a matter of time before your son will want to zoom around the room with them, so you might as well have the shelves ready for storing them.

You can hang a mobile of wooden cars over the crib, and there are rugs decorated with roads to round out the decorations. Toddler car beds help ease a baby's transition out of the crib.

This is one of our favorite boy nursery themes as it's another one that accelerates your child's journey in a fun and positive way.

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Train sets are a classic toy and a collector's item. The Little Engine That Could and Thomas the Tank are just two of the fictional characters beloved by children, both of which can make friendly additions to the train set theme.

Maybe you have access to an old family train set or would enjoy starting your own tradition; shopping for vintage pieces at estate sales and second-hand stores would be a great adventure. Also, there are a lot of early childhood train sets that can start out as decorations before they become a toy.

One novel idea is to hang a circular train track from the ceiling. A small electric caboose running around the track can hold a baby's attention as much as a ceiling fan!

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Constellations on the ceiling, planets hanging from a mobile, and fluorescent stars that light up the night make a fun room.

These are just a few of the out-of-this-world elements that decorate a space-themed nursery. The objects of outer space create a soothing environment in which deep blues and sparkling stars surround your baby with restful tones.

We found a globe of light that projects a panorama of space onto the walls, creating a magical effect—perfect for a little boy's man-cave. You can really blast-off with this theme by adding a model or picture of a spaceship.

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The animals of the forest, trees, and camouflage come together to bring a campsite to your baby's nursery. We found a big furry rug in the shape of a bear, decals of trees and other animals, and even nightlights and stuffed animals shaped like campfire logs.

As your baby becomes a toddler, he will flip for a big boy tent bed that you will have no problem putting him into. There are actual toddler tents, but also toddler bed toppers are available to keep him feeling secure and on an adventure. Don't forget to include the lanterns!

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Ahoy there! Another magical theme for a boy's nursery is one that transforms the room into a sea of blue and turquoise.

There are crib linens in several marine designs, from classic navy anchors to whimsical whales and fantastic fishy friends in an ocean of colors.

You can add a flowing wave design to the wall or go for a pirate theme with treasure chests that double as storage. Add a model boat with white or pirate sales that your baby will treasure for years to come.

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There are some interesting and colorful maps of the world you can build a nursery theme around. Maps come in giant frames, on wooden wall hangings, and peel off decals.

Get a beautiful illuminating globe that will light the maps and add a pleasant ambience to the room. "Oh The Places You Will Go" is among the boy nursery themes sure to hold a growing kid's interest. Plus, it makes the room a valuable educational resource.

Set sail on your own decorating adventure by combining the nautical/pirate elements (from #8) to your map theme.

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No list of themes for a boy's nursery would be complete without a swing into the world of sports. We found mobiles hung with assorted balls from soccer, baseball, basketball, and football; any of these will make a perfect choice to place center court over your little player's crib.

Wallpaper strips featuring team logos or pennants hung on the wall create the perfect little locker room. You can even buy a miniature locker for his hockey onesie and infant baseball cap.

Long before you take him out to the ball game, you can get your little guy warmed up in his own sports-themed dugout.


Along with our list, there are several fictional characters and places you can use as a theme for your perfect nursery. Consider them all, let your imagination go, and enjoy every teeny tiny moment. 

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