Privacy Policy

On this page, you will find information about the terms and conditions regarding how SweetMom’ collects, stores, uses, and protects your data. All our potential requests for personally identifiable information will follow the guidelines of this privacy policy.

Disclaimer: the terms ‘’, ‘our team’, or ‘we’ refer to the owners of the website. The term ‘you’ refers to any and all of the users, viewers, or readers of this website.

Our team reserves the right to modify this privacy policy statement at any time and without prior notice. Nevertheless, we will mention the date of the last update on this page. By accessing this page, you give your explicit agreement to the terms mentioned in our privacy policy and our terms of use.

Information We Collect

Our team reserves the option to collect the following information from our users:

Personally Identifiable Information

This type of information is sensitive in nature as it can be used to find or deduce your identity and is represented by your full name and e-mail address. However, you only need to provide these details when submitting a comment – accessing our content doesn’t require any type of account or personal information!

If you’re not comfortable with providing your real name and primary e-mail address, you can always use an alias and a secondary (or disposable) e-mail address. 

In addition, if you have submitted a comment and want your personally-identifiable data and your comment deleted, give us an e-mail using the details on our Contact page

Non-Personally Identifiable Information

This type of information is personal, but cannot be used to identify who you are. It includes:

  • IP address.
  • Information about your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
  • Browser information.
  • Pages and websites you frequently visit.

We collect this data for statistical purposes and to be able to tailor offers to your needs and preferences.

How We Collect the Information

For full transparency, we will outline the ways in which our team collects information from you.

Cookies uses cookies or pieces of code which allow us to see the websites and pages you are interested in. This information helps us identify what our users need, want, or expect from our website so that we can create a platform for all our visitors to enjoy and use efficiently.

Log Files

We use these tools for statistical purposes only. We are constantly striving towards improving our website, therefore we need some insight on which of our tools work best. Therefore, when you access a page, the log files will record the date and time of access, what browser you’re using, which page sent you there, and which page of our website you exited on. Our team will not use this information to identify you or contact you. We only use the information recorded by these log files to find out which of our pages have value to our users and which ones need improvements.

How We Use the Information

All the information we collect and store is used only to understand our visitors’ needs and customize your experience. We strive to provide high-quality, relevant content based on the interests and preferences of each visitor. We might use the contact information you provided to respond to inquiries received from you via e-mail, our contact form, or through the comment section on our website’s pages.

The information you provide can also be used to improve our website based on your feedback, improve our website’s usability, and provide a better user experience overall.

Data Security

The team is making a commitment to ensuring the information you provide is secure. Therefore, we use physical, managerial, and electronic procedures to protect the data we collect and store.