The Best Menstrual Cup in 2018

The Best Menstrual Cup in 2018

Menstrual cups are a healthy, hygienic and environmentally-friendly alternative to female protection products such as pads, or tampons. Not all menstrual cups are made equal, however, the best menstrual cup choices for you all feature similar traits. They are made with medical-strength and quality silicon, are soft to the touch, easy to insert, and powerful enough to stay stuck to the vaginal walls while contouring themselves to the natural shape of females. The cups all range in colors and sizes, some offering larger options for women who have gone through childbirth. Smaller options are safe enough for young women and those who have not given birth.

Whatever your option is, be sure to select products approved by the FDA. Always consult with your primary care provider prior to trying out new products to be used internally. Have you tried any of these selections yourself? Please share and tell us about your experience so that we can help other women make their selections!

5. Smart Cup

smart cup menstrual

The SmartCup is the third competitor for best menstrual cup options for this year. Like its competitors, it also offers 12 hours of leakage –free protection from a cup that comes in size small for pre-childbirth females, and large/medium for post-childbirth. It can be used daily or nightly, with or without physical activity. The material is medical silicone, and it is pliable and soft enough to protect without irritation or allergies. While menstrual cups are not usually available through major retailers, some of the best menstrual cup choices are widely sold online.

The SmartCup is light, reusable, and made with medical, soft silicone. It is super light and easy to use. The cup can be used by women of all ages and it ensures protection without any secondary effects.


  • Made from FDA-grade silicone of the highest quality which is very soft and folds easily.
  • Works great even for the most active women.
  • Comes with comprehensive instructions that are easy to follow.


  • Seems to have some difficulties in getting it to open once inserted because of how thin it is.
  • Can sometimes leak.

Recommended to: Women with experience in using menstrual cups who found other products too rough and rigid.

4. Blossom

blossom menstrual cup

The Blossom menstrual cup follows the same guidelines of the top contenders for best menstrual cup: It is made of soft, medical silicone, offers 12 hours or protection, guarantees leakage protection, and it is soft to insert. Stays true to the natural grip of the vaginal walls, and it helps women who are on the go to continue through their day without having to worry about changing pads or tampons. It is one of the highest rated products in customer satisfaction.

The Blossom comes in a variety of colors, ranging from hot pink, to black, white, green, magenta, purple or blue. Like most menstrual cups of its kind, it offers unlimited protection in a small package. It is a great purchase because it helps to save money on hygienic pads or tampons. It comes in sizes large or small. The name itself comes from the blossom-shaped silhouette, which is small enough to fit the vaginal walls and yet strong enough to take in up to 12 hours of constant menstrual input.


  • Very soft, which makes it easy and painless to insert.
  • Comes with a 90-days money-back guarantee.
  • Made from medical-grade silicone imported from Germany.


  • A bit on the large side, which might have induced cramps in some customers; not the most comfortable.
  • Some customers reported leaks even when the cup was half full.

Recommended to: Women who have given birth or those looking for a cup to aid with conception.



3. The Diva Cup

the diva cup menstrual cup

The Diva cup is a menstrual cup made of medical, soft silicon. Like its competitors, it offers up to 12 hours of consecutive leakage-free protection. It is easy to use and comfortable. It also comes in two sizes, Model 1 is for younger women who have not yet experienced childbirth. Model 2 is recommended for women who have delivered children.

The Diva Cup is one of the most widely sold best menstrual cup options. It’s usually purchased together with its hygienic companion, the Diva Wash. Taking good care of this product will help it last longer, thus saving you money in the long run.

The Diva Cup is easy to use, light, portable, and works great with all kinds of lifestyles. Its two sizes keep the unique needs of women in mind. Overall, it is a great purchase.


  • Can be worn for up to 12 hours depending on the flow.
  • Made from hypoallergenic materials.


  • Some users report it can sometimes be difficult to open it back up once inside.
  • Can be a bit stiff, which can be solved by running it under hot water.

Recommended to: Women with light flows who, uder normal circumstances, don’t experience cramps during their period.

2. Lena

lena menstrual cup

Another highly rated candidate for best menstrual cup, Lena is a vaginal insert formed in the shape of a bell. It is made of silicone, is reusable, and it comes in sizes large and small. A Lena set includes both sizes. It is guaranteed to protect you from menstrual leakages for up to 12 hours. The Lena cup does not irritate your vagina, keeps its natural pH levels and, in turn, it helps to avoid yeast and bacterial infections. The product is sensation-free and easy to insert.

Its cleanser, Lunette, is a separate hygienic soap made exclusively for the hygienic sanitation of the cup; it is available online and often purchased together with the Lena cup. The 2-pack unit comes with two cotton storage bags and they include a usage manual.


  • Environmentally-conscious company: not only is the menstrual cup an environmentally-safe choice, the packaging is made from 100% recycled paper and vegetable-based inks.
  • The company has great customer service.


  • Some customers reported difficulties in inserting them and discomfort even after inserting them properly.
  • The small cup is not that small according to reviews and is similar in size with large ones from competitors.

Recommended to: Women with a low cervix who have given birth naturally.


1. Zen Gina

zen gina menstrual cup

Zen Gina is the best menstrual cup according to customers. It consists of a 100% medically-safe cup made of ultra-soft silicone that is latex and BPA-free. It is designed to fit in the vaginal walls, remaining fit as it contours to the body’s natural curvature. It is sensation-less, “barely there” protection. It is made for women of all ages, whether they have had children or not. This means that the cup is meant to naturally fit the human body.

ZenGina offers up to 12 hours of leak-free protection. This amazing product is guaranteed to fit your body without any irritation, allergies, or injuries. It is safe for any type of skin, especially soft and sensitive skin such as that of our female parts.


  • Works great for all shapes and sizes and provides a comfortable experience.
  • Easy to insert and remove thanks to the ribbed pull tab.
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Some customers who gave birth naturally report even the large ones can be a bit small and leak.
  • The pack comes with 2 small and 2 large cups and is not customizable.

Recommended to: virgins, first-time menstrual cup users, and those with a high cervix (source).



The best menstrual cup for smaller vaginas according to online ratings and reviews is the Zen Gina, but Lena also makes some reliable ones. If you already gave birth, we recommend the original Diva Cup. And if you are looking for the most gentle product, the soft Smart Cup is definitely the way to go. Do you have any experience with one or more of these products? Let us know how it went!


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