Maternity Belly Band: Support Your Lower Back And Abdomen

Maternity Belly Band: Support Your Lower Back And Abdomen

If you are in your first trimester of pregnancy, then you might already feel the baby bump. You may even gain weight that can lead to a lot of problems. This is where investing in a belly band can be a good decision. When you are pregnant, all your jeans and pants will no longer fit you the way they used to. In fact, they will start digging into your waist, making it uncomfortable for you to move around in them freely. Getting a belly band can be helpful in wearing your old clothes and do so comfortably.

While you can always unbutton your pants for instant relief but can you walk out of your home like that? They have designed these bands in such a way they not only support your lower back and abdomen when you are pregnant but also keeps your clothes in place. They make these support bands from a flexible material that provide many benefits to active pregnant women.

A belly band is like a snug-fitting tube top that is worn around your stomach. These large elastic bands have become popular in the last few years due to its functionality and a stylish addition to a pregnant woman’s wardrobe. They are also available in many styles, shapes, sizes, and colors. Some can be adjusted with a Velcro fastener, and there are others that look like a blouse or a t-shirt, available in all sizes. No matter which one you get, they can go a long way in keeping you comfy when your stomach grows.

These bands for the belly have many practical uses. Foremost, with these bands, you can extend the use of your pre-pregnancy clothes until the second or third trimester. You can also use the belly bands for health reasons such as back support and to make your midsection appear smoother.

What Is The Belly Band?

It is easy to define a belly band. It is like a tube top or looks similar to a boob tube which is specifically designed to fit a pregnant woman’s belly. These bands are usually made by combining cotton and spandex or Lycra. These bands are made to be stretchy so they can adjust to the mother’s growing womb and stay snug in its place when she is active.

The bands can be purchased based on the mother’s shape and size. They can usually be adjusted with Velcro straps. However, not all bands have that option. There are also some that are simply knitted as an infinite band of elasticized fabric. You should always prefer to buy belly bands with a wide hem so that they can stay put in their position, without rolling on a round belly. However, with higher Lycra component in the cloth, the band becomes more expensive, but it will be more comfortable.

Belly band

Belly bands are made for all shapes and sizes. You can also find them in a variety of styles. Some may look like a swimming costume material, and there are others that come in a matt finish. Based on how much you are willing to spend, the cost of these bands may vary significantly. The more expensive ones can stretch more and don't sag with regular wear.

Needless to say, as is with any other clothing item, belly bands too can cost a lot of money if you seek premium quality. But If you are pregnant and think you will have a few more babies, then investing in a top quality belly band will be a better idea. Buy one in a neutral color that can go with all other colors, such as black, white, or navy blue.

Believe it or not, an expensive belly band will pay for itself in the money you save by not buying pregnancy clothes. If the band helps, you wear your old clothes comfortably; then you can do the math and see how much money you will save!

How The Belly Band Works?

When you hit your first trimester in pregnancy, apart from your swollen womb, you notice that your old clothes no longer fit the way did before. They may be too tight for you, requiring you to unzip and unbutton them.

Now if you want to step out of the house for some work, you can quickly slip on your belly band over your head and on to the waistband of your jeans or trousers to cover the unzipped area. You can also fold it in half to keep it in place. When folded, these bands work really well in covering your unbuttoned pants.

However, when you reach the later stages, your expanded belly will start pushing your belly band and the pants down. This is when you can unfold the band and pull it all the way up to let it sit snugly on your body and to keep you comfortable. Many users share that the snugness that comes with the belly band is strangely relieving as opposed to the popular belief that tight-fitting garments are bad for pregnant women.

You don't need to buy multiple bands for different stages of pregnancy. In fact, most mothers said they were able to use the same one for the entire nine months. However, it is definitely recommended to buy a spare one you can wear when you have to wash the other one. You will be amazed at how amazing these bands are until you have to live without them!


Here are ways in which these bands can show you some amazing results in keeping you comfortable and pain-free:

Reduces The Discomfort Caused By Pregnancy

It is common for pregnant women to experience back and joint pain during pregnancy. It is not only annoying but also makes it difficult to contribute to day-to-day activities. However, by wearing this band around your belly, you can provide the necessary support to your back and expanded belly during all activities. This can alleviate your pain and keep you lightly active through your pregnancy days. Joint pain is also a common discomfort faced by pregnant women. Pregnancy releases a hormone, relaxin, that makes the hip joints unstable causing excruciating pain in the lower back. Belly bands can help steady the joint area by supporting this region that can prevent the onset of pain.

Helps You Stay Active by Providing Gentle Compression

These bands can help provide support to the uterus that reduces discomfort caused during physical activities such as walking. However, avoid putting too much band-induces compression on the abdomen as it can affect the blood circulation and impact the blood pressure. It can also lead to indigestion and heartburn.

Improves Posture

It helps in keeping your body in a proper posture by supporting your torso and lower back. Using the band during pregnancy encourages accurate posture and prevent the lower back from overextending. It is natural for women to sway back when pregnant because of the extra weight they carry in their frontal body. The weakening of core muscles that support the spine can also influence the posture. This band helps in keeping your back straight and puts less pressure on the spine.

Engage in Daily Activities Comfortably

It is very important to exercise during pregnancy. Regular prenatal exercise will provide positive health benefits by reducing the risk of diabetes, hypertension, and depression. It also helps increase endurance that will be helpful at the time of delivery. However, many women are unable to exercise or work effectively due to soreness caused by pregnancy. But wearing a belly band can reduce this discomfort and help you stay on your toes resulting in physical wellness.

Even Useful After Pregnancy

Don't discard your band just yet. With delivering a baby, your core muscles take a beating. A lot of your muscles are stretched and stressed during the pregnancy that needs time to recover. Not caring for the body can expose you to the risk of injuries. This is the reason many women prefer to wear this band after the delivery so they can continue providing support to the lower back and abdomen.


Experts recommend that wearing a belly band during your pregnancy can offer a wealth of benefits. However, it is also important to restrain its use to prevent being over-dependent on it. You should also consider exercising regularly along with wearing the band to strengthen the core muscles, during and after the pregnancy.

Experts also warn that even though the band is useful in helping you breeze through the tough pregnancy, it should not be worn without taking your doctor’s permission. Compression garments can affect the blood circulation. Therefore, pregnant women with irregular blood pressure should strictly refrain from using it.

It is very important to understand that these bands are just meant to get you through your pregnancy. If you notice a consistent issue with your health that is not being fixed by the belly band, then consult your doctor immediately. Do not ignore the ongoing pain as something that comes with the pregnancy.

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