Baby Girl Nursery Ideas with Style

Baby Girl Nursery Ideas with Style

Creating a beautiful room for your little princess is a priceless joy when you're expecting. Your little girl will be the apple of your eyes forever, and it all starts with giving her the best place to sleep, play, and grow. This would be her very own baby nursery. Baby girls are all cozy, pretty, and fun; use these qualities to create a nursery that will not only look elegant, but has its own special design focus, and optimal functional value.

If you're looking for cute baby girl nursery ideas, we've got you covered. Keep reading for detailed information on putting together a baby girl nursery that your little princess will warm up to. We also give you top baby girl nursery ideas that'll provide creative décor inspiration.

What Is A Baby Girl Nursery?

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An exclusive room for your newborn princess, a baby girl nursery includes everything needed to keep your baby safe, comfortable, and well-rested. A nursery is essentially for the few years of your newborn girl's life, where you'll be changing her diapers, nursing or feeding her, rocking her to sleep, reading books to her, and more.

As your newborn infant progresses to becoming a toddler, a preschooler, and eventually grows up into a beautiful young lady, the baby girl nursery will transition with your girl's growing age, each décor change reflecting the special phase in your daughter's life. But for now, we'll keep our eyes on the most joyous time of new parents' life: bringing home your little princess to a beautifully decorated nursery.

What Things Are Needed In A Baby Girl Nursery?

When researching baby girl nursery ideas, it's also important to know how to make your little one's room safe, comfortable, and easier for you as a new parent. Keep reading to know what items make it to our list of the top nursery essentials for a baby girl. When buying expensive furniture like the baby crib, you'd want to make sure that the items are scalable to your baby's next level of growth, ensuring you get optimum return on investment on expensive nursery items.

Assembling a baby girl nursery can be overwhelming with so many products out there. We focus on items that are essential in a baby nursery. You can always customize nursery décor as per your preference.

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The most significant aspect of a baby nursery is furniture, including a crib, changing table, rocking chair, and storage cases.

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Baby Crib

The baby crib is the main furniture item in a nursery; choose a crib that's safe and meets the standard safety and quality guidelines. Baby cribs come in various styles and colors; it's best to go with a crib with an elegant and contemporary design. A convertible crib that transitions to a toddler bed as your little one grows is highly recommended.

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Changing Station

You'll be changing diapers frequently during the baby's first year. A changing station makes it easy and convenient for you to clean and change your baby. Most changing stations are ergonomically designed so you don't have to bend over much during diaper duties (prevents additional pressure on those overworked back muscles). Changing stations come with shelves for organizing your baby girl's diapering supplies and a soft changing pad, which keeps your baby comfortable when you're cleaning and changing her. Most baby changing stations can later be used as a dresser; a sleek changing station with ample storage doubles up as a dresser to store your toddler's toys, books, clothes, and more.

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Rocking Chair

A new baby will nurse for extended time periods, which requires comfortable seating for both the mom and the baby. A rocking chair will provide back support to ensure that mom gets good lumbar support as she nurses or rocks her baby to sleep. The gentle rocking motion of a glider is greatly soothing for a baby and provides a cozy spot for you to snuggle up with your precious princess.

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Crib mattresses, linen, bedding, blankets, crib skirt, etc. are bedding accessories that make your baby feel cozy and comfortable in her crib. While shopping for bedding, it's important to choose linen that's made from natural materials like organic cotton and is hypoallergenic. Baby bedding comes in different themes and designs so you can find the perfect pick that matches your baby's nursery décor.

10 Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

Read below our compilation of 10 baby girl nursery ideas that'll help you create a beautiful abode for your little one.

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Pink is the first color that comes to mind when you think of baby girl nursery ideas. You can use virtually any shade of pink to decorate your baby's nursery. Soft pink, blush, fuchsia, flamingo pink, etc. are popular shades of pink that are great for a baby girl's nursery. It's important to blend pink with another neutral hue like white, beige, ivory, or gray for a soothing color palette. Add more texture and visual interest to a pink nursery by blending in pretty fabrics like net, lace, and satin to accessories and linen.

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A pink and gold theme will give your baby nursery a subtly glamorous look. Nursery furniture with accents of gold with intricate detailing adds a glam factor to this nursery design. A blush pink rug and bedding with interesting patterns and gold hues will complete this décor style.

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Florals add the perfect touch of pretty detailing to your baby girl's nursery. A floral wallpaper in soft shades of blush, white, beige, and lavender can be used to create an accent wall that serves as a design focus for your baby's room. Floral bedding accessories and a soft rug in a neutral shade pair perfectly with this décor theme.

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Use this pristine color to decorate your baby girl's nursery. Use soft white linen and soft flowing drapes to give the room a soothing appeal. A plush white rug and soft toys in pastel hues are perfect accessories for a white nursery. Tie in all décor elements with wall art or a framed mirror with a touch of color in it.

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If you're looking for fun baby girl nursery ideas, an alphabet theme is a great option. Use bedding accessories in bright hues with alphabets printed on them to make nursery décor interesting. Alphabet cutouts detailing your baby's name in pretty colors like pink, yellow, mint green, etc. make for perfect wall décor in an alphabet-themed nursery.

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Turquoise is a charming hue that adds much beauty and visual interest to a nursery. A turquoise accent wall adds a wow factor to your baby's nursery. You can also use turquoise bedding accessories with polka print that adds a touch of elegance to the décor. Throw in some soft toys or teddy bears in fuchsia or yellow to add a pop of contrasting color to the nursery.

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If you're looking for unique baby girl nursery ideas, dusty blue is a top option. A soft blue with undertones of gray, dusty blue works well for a baby girl's room. Decorate dusty blue walls with quirky and fun prints like stars, moon, owl, teddy bear, etc. Use girly colors like soft pink or coral for wall décor, and use similar shades for bedding accessories to tie beautiful dusty blue décor with girly hues, creating an exclusive nursery décor.

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Your smiling baby needs a nursery that's just as lively as her! Bright nursery décor features an array of bright colors like yellow, red, pink, orange, and more, all incorporated to create a vivacious nursery. Bedding accessories in colorful prints can be used as part of this décor style. Wall décor with bright colors or an accent wall decorated with beautiful bright-hued prints are perfect additions to a bright-themed nursery.

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If you're looking for upscale baby girl nursery ideas, a princess theme is perfect. A princess themed nursery will often feature accessories and furniture that signify ultra-luxury and style. A gold-hued crib in the shape of a carriage is the perfect addition to a princess-themed nursery. An accent wall decorated with princess motifs, like a tiara, add more glamor and style to this dreamy nursery décor.

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If you'd love to decorate your baby girl's nursery with hand-made accessories, a DIY themed nursery is an ideal option. Decorate the central wall in your baby's room with DIY wall accessories like photo frames, yarn-wrapped letters detailing your baby's name, frames decorated with colorful beads or shells, etc. are all cool and easy DIY nursery décor ideas.


Bringing home a new baby girl is the most exciting thing ever for parents. A beautiful nursery gives your little princess the first experience of a blissful life. We've put together a list of elegant baby girl nursery ideas to help you create a wonderful nursery for your newborn, precious princess. Your own creative ideas will give your baby's nursery a touch of love and affection.

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